513 Toner Ave, Rockford, IL 61103
(815) 708-0687

Mon - Sat  10am to 10pm,  Sun 10am to 9pm

We now have a full liquor license! 

neighborhood stores save time

We stock items that our customers need on a daily basis.  You do not need to leave your neighborhood to shop for groceries, household cleaners, detergent, milk, baking needs and a wide range of other things.


Baby and Infant

You do not have to leave the neighborhood to get the items you need for your baby or infant.  We carry infant formula, selection of disposable diapers to fit any budget, wipes and other items for the care of baby and infants.

If we don't carry something you need please talk to us.  We cherish seeing parents walk to our store for supplies.  We enjoy being introduced to the "new arrivals" and we understand how stressful it is to have to go across town to get the supplies you need.

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When we hear about how diverse the City of Chicago is we smile - Rockford is more diverse.  We try to carry some imported items to give our customers a taste of new things.   Besides a fully sampling of  hispanic items, you will find unique items placed throughout our store.

The Silk Road was an important trade route that connected Asia with the Mediterranean, North Africa and Europe.  This route traveled through many of the Middle Eastern countries which centered around spices.  We have a full stock of spices, both domestic and imported, which are competitively priced.

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We are coffee drinkers too.  Besides having a stock of name brand coffees we try to offer some unique items that you might want to try out.  One example is our Aladeeb coffee with extra cardamom.   Drink it as is or mix it in with your favorite coffee to get that special taste.  Learn more about Aladeeb:

We also now carry Sally Sue’s Coffee!  Sally Sue focuses on roasting fair trade organic sustainably farmed coffee.  They are located in Magnolia, IL, a town of about 200 people.   They live by three core values: 1) Be Kind To Your Body, 2)Be Kind to The Environment and 3)Be Kind To Others.  Learn more by clicking on the link below.

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Bread is one of our most popular items.  

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From the outside we might not look like a big store but come inside and you will see the variety of things we offer.  You can get most of your household items here without having the leave the neighborhood.


We have a selection of Italian wines and wines from other regions.  We sell popular box wines too for those holiday gettogethers. So give our wine selection a try.

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You do not need to hop into your car and travel cross down to get basic groceries.  We offer milk, eggs, butter, cheeses, sour cream and a host of other dairy items.

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Cleaning Items

We stock just about anything you will need to keep you house clean.  A full range of laundry detergents and cleaning supplies.  

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513 Toner Ave, Rockford, IL, 61103
(815) 708-0687